Lesauski Family, 2006.

To Whom It May Concern:
Over the past several months, I have had the great pleasure of working with Maria Adelaida Rodrigo. We hired Maria to decorate a villa we bought in Puerto Rico (we live in Chicago). She came highly recommended by a friend, and more than lived up to her reputation.
For the initial months, I communicated with Maria over the internet and by phone (I had not met her prior to hiring her). She would post her sketches and ideas onto her website, and would allow me to view it. As her work progressed, she would update it with new pictures. Maria was extremely responsive and checked/replied to email on a regular basis (I would often send pictures with my ideas or send links to websites to get her opinion on merchandise, etc.).  I actually looked forward to logging into email at night just to see what progress had taken place during the day!!
My husband and I were extremely pleased with the end result of her work – in fact, we were ecstatic! Our place turned out more beautiful than we ever imagined. Maria is creative, talented (she painted a mural in one of our rooms/repaired an antique armoire/re-stained our bed-door-butcher block, etc.), detail oriented, completely trustworthy, and is also thrifty (in a good way – she was able to reuse or repair some of the items in our villa and spent our money like it was her own). Her creative eye caught things I would have never noticed /though of on my own –such as rearranging furniture to maximize space and light.
For those who know me, I am not an easy person to please – I can be opinionated and demanding at times. However, Maria was extremely patient and even when she did not agree with my choices, would calmly explain why something may or may not work (and she was right 99% of the time). I don’t think “no” was ever in her vocabulary. Even in times of near disaster (e.g. I ordered and shipped the wrong couch out of Florida), she figured out a workaround solution and kept me calm.
Maria is superwoman in my book. I have bought/decorated/built several homes, and she clearly takes the prize of the BEST service provider I have ever worked with in my life. I will miss working with her, but look forward to the day I need to redecorate our place once again!  
Kathleen Lesauski

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